Switch to sustainable finance products


Latest with the final report of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance situated at the EU-Commission and itsAction Plan from spring 2018 banks, savings banks, asset manager insurance companies et al. Have to be aware of the fact, that a new regulation is on ist way: Besides more detailed requirements for ESG transparancy the financial and insurance sector has to be prepared for the delivery of new sustainable products and services.

We accomany with our manifold experiences the development of new financial and insurance products by

  • Proofs of Concept (e.g. as basis for Second Party Opinions of verifying bodies of Green/Climate Bonds)
  • projecting blueprints in order to design sustainable investment and credit product on the basis of already existing inhouse data (e.g. in the loan business of banks)
  • the calculation of product related impacts like GHG reductions or energy efficiency
  • The realization of product innovations and variations by including the relvant inhouse departments and experts as well as outsider stakeholder.