Organisation – personal experience

Bild 004EccoWorks is owner-managed by Professor Dr. Henry Schäfer. Until September 2019 he was full professor at the University of Stuttgart and held the chair of "General Business Administration and Finance". He was also head of the Department III of the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart. Since mid 1995 he was pioneering the research in Sustainability & Finance in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In 2002 he established the Competence Center for Medium-Sized Businesses at Stuttgart. In collaboration the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Stuttgart Region he offered trainings in finance and panels for innovations in finance  and risk management for SMEs.

Another foundation of Prof. Schäfer is CSSP AG - Center for Social and Sustainable Products, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein together with Oliver Oehri and Christoph Dreher in the year 2010.

Previous to his university career, he held leading positions as a Senior Financial Consultant in international consultancy and investment businesses, as well as in leading German banks.

Prof. Dr. Henry Schäfer is a trained banker and has several years of professional experience in various areas of banking, corporate consulting and investment banking. In addition to his professional competence, he has a remarkable ability to develop tasks with clients on an individual basis, to create solutions (“know how”) and accompany their implementation (“do how”).